Commit a2011519 authored by Thibault Saunier's avatar Thibault Saunier

encodebin: Always respect encoding profile preset factory name

And fail if it is not present.
parent dbc89373
......@@ -916,7 +916,12 @@ _create_element_and_set_preset (GstElementFactory * factory,
GstElement *res = NULL;
GST_DEBUG ("Creating element from factory %s (preset factory name: %s"
" preset name: %s)", GST_OBJECT_NAME (factory), preset, preset_name);
" preset name: %s)", GST_OBJECT_NAME (factory), preset_name, preset);
if (preset_name && g_strcmp0 (GST_OBJECT_NAME (factory), preset_name)) {
GST_DEBUG ("Got to use %s, not %s", preset_name, GST_OBJECT_NAME (factory));
return NULL;
res = gst_element_factory_create (factory, name);
......@@ -934,9 +939,6 @@ _create_element_and_set_preset (GstElementFactory * factory,
GST_DEBUG ("Using a preset with no preset name, making use of the"
" proper element without setting any property");
} else if (preset_name && g_strcmp0 (GST_OBJECT_NAME (factory), preset_name)) {
gst_object_unref (res);
res = NULL;
/* Else we keep it */
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