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release notes
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GStreamer 0.3.2 "Do-B-day" released
Release Notes
The GStreamer team is happy to announce another release of the
GStreamer streaming-media framework. GStreamer now contains close to
100 plugins for reading, writing and manipulating audio and video. We
are rapidly approaching a stable set of libraries. Our sample
applications are, however, still under development.
We now have a gst-all module prepared that includes all of our source
modules in one easy-to-compile package.
Future Plans
Our goal for the next release is stabilizing and improving the current
feature set of GStreamer further, including introducing an improved
autoplugger module for even better handling of media formats. We will
also focus more attention at our media player sample application as
this is the application most users and developers probably will use to
get aquinted with the framework.
For help building GStreamer, take a look at our build help document.
Updates and Enhancements
* new capabilities negotiation system
* xml support bugfixes
* sdlvideosink enhancements
* gst-xmllaunch added
* fixes in avi plugin
* fli plugin now works again
* fixes to old gstmediaplayer making it work
* lots of fixes on the v4l plugin
* new cdxa plugin
* new mjpeg encoder and decoder plugins
* new example plugin using GOB
* partial update of documentation and examples
* miscellaneous bugfixes
More details on these features can be found, along with the release
tarballs and some RPMs, on the project's website,
GStreamer is hosted on SourceForge, so support requests and bugs may
be filed as usual. Interested developers of the core library, plugins,
and applications should subscribe to the gstreamer-devel list. If
there is sufficient interest we will create more lists as necessary.
We are still looking for people with access to Solaris, HP-UX, Irix
and True64 that would be willing to try building and testing
GStreamer. Patches fixing such problems are also more than welcome.
Contributors to this release
* Erik Walthinsen <>
* Wim Taymans <>
* Thomas Vander Stichele <>
* Andy Wingo <>
* David Lehn <>
Plugins and Sample Applications
* Ronald Bultje <>
* Bastien Nocera <>
* Martin Enlund <>
* Benjamin Otte <bj>
* Christian Schaller <>
* wrobell <>
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