Commit b9054de1 authored by Stefan Sauer's avatar Stefan Sauer
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collectpads: remove gst_collect_pads_add_pad_full

Rename gst_collect_pads_add_pad_full() to gst_collect_pads_add_pad() and fix all
parent 536276ee
......@@ -438,7 +438,7 @@ gst_ogg_mux_request_new_pad (GstElement * element,
GstOggPadData *oggpad;
oggpad = (GstOggPadData *)
gst_collect_pads_add_pad_full (ogg_mux->collect, newpad,
gst_collect_pads_add_pad (ogg_mux->collect, newpad,
sizeof (GstOggPadData), gst_ogg_mux_ogg_pad_destroy_notify, FALSE);
......@@ -1025,7 +1025,8 @@ gst_adder_request_new_pad (GstElement * element, GstPadTemplate * templ,
g_free (name);
gst_pad_set_query_function (newpad, GST_DEBUG_FUNCPTR (gst_adder_sink_query));
gst_collect_pads_add_pad (adder->collect, newpad, sizeof (GstCollectData));
gst_collect_pads_add_pad (adder->collect, newpad, sizeof (GstCollectData),
/* takes ownership of the pad */
if (!gst_element_add_pad (GST_ELEMENT (adder), newpad))
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