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navigation: simplify docs

Make short-desc short - its used in the toc. Strip uneeded markup.
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......@@ -23,17 +23,13 @@
* SECTION:gstnavigation
* @short_description: Interface for creating, sending and parsing navigation
* events. Navigation events are used for conveying mouse movement, button clicks,
* key presses and specific commands such as DVD menu navigation.
* events.
* <refsect2>
* <para>
* The Navigation interface is used for creating and injecting navigation related
* events such as mouse button presses, cursor motion and key presses. The associated
* library also provides methods for parsing received events, and for sending and
* receiving navigation related bus events.
* </para>
* <para>
* receiving navigation related bus events. One main usecase is DVD menu navigation.
* The main parts of the API are:
* <itemizedlist>
* <listitem>
......@@ -61,8 +57,6 @@
* </para>
* </listitem>
* </itemizedlist>
* </para>
* </refsect2>
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