Commit ce34fdfc authored by Marc-Andre Lureau's avatar Marc-Andre Lureau Committed by Sebastian Dröge

Run libtoolize before aclocal

This unbreaks the build in some cases. Fixes bug #582021
parent 1d4ba532
......@@ -77,8 +77,8 @@ fi
tool_run "$autopoint --force"
patch -p0 < common/gettext.patch
tool_run "$aclocal" "-I m4 -I common/m4 $ACLOCAL_FLAGS"
tool_run "$libtoolize" "--copy --force"
tool_run "$aclocal" "-I m4 -I common/m4 $ACLOCAL_FLAGS"
tool_run "$autoheader"
# touch the build stamp so we don't re-run autoheader in maintainer mode -- wingo
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