Commit d3acb2b0 authored by Brendan Long's avatar Brendan Long Committed by Sebastian Dröge
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playbin: Post an error message if a stream combiner doesn't return a request pad.

parent f39d1dc3
......@@ -3100,6 +3100,8 @@ pad_added_cb (GstElement * decodebin, GstPad * pad, GstSourceGroup * group)
changed = TRUE;
GST_DEBUG_OBJECT (playbin, "linked pad %s:%s to combiner %p",
GST_DEBUG_PAD_NAME (pad), combine->combiner);
} else {
goto request_pad_failed;
} else {
/* no combiner, don't configure anything, we'll link the new pad directly to
......@@ -3171,6 +3173,12 @@ link_failed:
goto done;
("Internal playbin error."),
("Failed to get request pad from combiner %p.", combine->combiner));
goto done;
/* called when a pad is removed from the uridecodebin. We unlink the pad from
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