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......@@ -32,10 +32,70 @@
* SECTION:element-encodebin
* encodebin provides a bin for encoding/muxing various streams according to
* EncodeBin provides a bin for encoding/muxing various streams according to
* a specified #GstEncodingProfile.
* Based on the profile that was set (via the #GstEncodeBin:profile property),
* EncodeBin will internally select and configure the required elements
* (encoders, muxers, but also audio and video converters) so that you can
* provide it raw or pre-encoded streams of data in input and have your
* encoded/muxed/converted stream in output.
* <refsect2>
* <title>Features</title>
* <itemizedlist>
* <listitem>
* Automatic encoder and muxer selection based on elements available on the
* system.
* </listitem>
* <listitem>
* Conversion of raw audio/video streams (scaling, framerate conversion,
* colorspace conversion, samplerate conversion) to conform to the profile
* output format.
* </listitem>
* <listitem>
* Variable number of streams. If the presence property for a stream encoding
* profile is 0, you can request any number of sink pads for it via the
* standard request pad gstreamer API or the #GstEncodeBin::request-pad action
* signal.
* </listitem>
* <listitem>
* Avoid reencoding (passthrough). If the input stream is already encoded and is
* compatible with what the #GstEncodingProfile expects, then the stream won't
* be re-encoded but just passed through downstream to the muxer or the output.
* </listitem>
* <listitem>
* Mix pre-encoded and raw streams as input. In addition to the passthrough
* feature above, you can feed both raw audio/video *AND* already-encoded data
* to a pad. #GstEncodeBin will take care of passing through the compatible
* segments and re-encoding the segments of media that need encoding.
* </listitem>
* <listitem>
* Standard behaviour is to use a #GstEncodingContainerProfile to have both
* encoding and muxing performed. But you can also provide a single stream
* profile (like #GstEncodingAudioProfile) to only have the encoding done and
* handle the encoded output yourself.
* </listitem>
* <listitem>
* Audio imperfection corrections. Incoming audio streams can have non perfect
* timestamps (jitter), like the streams coming from ASF files. #GstEncodeBin
* will automatically fix those imperfections for you. See
* #GstEncodeBin:audio-jitter-tolerance for more details.
* </listitem>
* <listitem>
* Variable or Constant video framerate. If your #GstEncodingVideoProfile has
* the variableframerate property deactivated (default), then the incoming
* raw video stream will be retimestampped in order to produce a constant
* framerate.
* </listitem>
* <listitem>
* Cross-boundary re-encoding. When feeding compatible pre-encoded streams that
* fall on segment boundaries, and for supported formats (right now only H263),
* the GOP will be decoded/reencoded when needed to produce an encoded output
* that fits exactly within the request GstSegment.
* </listitem>
* </itemizedlist>
* </refsect2>
......@@ -227,6 +287,13 @@ gst_encode_bin_class_init (GstEncodeBinClass * klass)
gobject_klass->get_property = gst_encode_bin_get_property;
/* Properties */
* GstEncodeBin:profile:
* The #GstEncodingProfile to use. This property must be set before going
* to %GST_STATE_PAUSED or higher.
g_object_class_install_property (gobject_klass, PROP_PROFILE,
gst_param_spec_mini_object ("profile", "Profile",
"The GstEncodingProfile to use", GST_TYPE_ENCODING_PROFILE,
......@@ -262,6 +329,18 @@ gst_encode_bin_class_init (GstEncodeBinClass * klass)
/* Signals */
* GstEncodeBin::request-pad
* @encodebin: a #GstEncodeBin instance
* @caps: a #GstCaps
* Use this method to request an unused sink request #GstPad that can take the
* provided @caps as input. You must release the pad with
* gst_element_release_request_pad() when you are done with it.
* Returns: A compatible #GstPad, or %NULL if no compatible #GstPad could be
* created or is available.
gst_encode_bin_signals[SIGNAL_REQUEST_PAD] =
g_signal_new ("request-pad", G_TYPE_FROM_CLASS (klass),
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