Commit d8a1dc5e authored by Göran Jönsson's avatar Göran Jönsson Committed by Wim Taymans
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rtspconnection: Add read source on write socket.

Add a read source on write socket when lost tunnel.
To be able to detect when clint closes get channel.

This is already done in gst_rtsp_source_dispatch_write but
only when the queue is empty.

parent 0760fe86
......@@ -3131,6 +3131,16 @@ gst_rtsp_source_dispatch_read (GPollableInputStream * stream,
/* and signal that we lost our tunnel */
if (watch->funcs.tunnel_lost)
res = watch->funcs.tunnel_lost (watch, watch->user_data);
/* we add read source on the write socket able to detect when client closes get channel in tunneled mode */
if (watch->conn->control_stream && !watch->controlsrc) {
watch->controlsrc =
g_pollable_input_stream_create_source (G_POLLABLE_INPUT_STREAM
(watch->conn->control_stream), NULL);
g_source_set_callback (watch->controlsrc,
(GSourceFunc) gst_rtsp_source_dispatch_read_get_channel, watch,
g_source_add_child_source ((GSource *) watch, watch->controlsrc);
goto read_done;
} else
goto eof;
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