Commit df70b2d2 authored by Tim-Philipp Müller's avatar Tim-Philipp Müller
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audiocdsrc: send TOC event downstream if we're in continuous mode

If we're in continuous mode where we'll play the entire CD from
start to finish, send a TOC event downstream so any downstream
muxers can write a TOC to indicate where the various tracks
start and end.
parent c09512ee
......@@ -146,6 +146,7 @@ struct _GstAudioCdSrcPrivate
gint toc_offset;
gboolean toc_bias;
GstEvent *toc_event; /* pending TOC event */
GstToc *toc;
......@@ -1438,10 +1439,11 @@ gst_audio_cd_src_add_toc (GstAudioCdSrc * src)
gst_element_post_message (GST_ELEMENT_CAST (src),
gst_message_new_toc (GST_OBJECT (src), toc, FALSE));
/* should we also push a TOC event downstream? Might only make sense if
* we're in continuous mode. e.g. matroska-mux will just write the TOC to
* file, but we might only be outputting a single track, so that doesn't
* make sense. */
/* If we're in continuous mode (stream = whole disc), send a TOC event
* downstream, so matroskamux etc. can write a TOC to indicate where the
* various tracks are */
if (src->priv->mode == GST_AUDIO_CD_SRC_MODE_CONTINUOUS)
src->priv->toc_event = gst_event_new_toc (toc, FALSE);
src->priv->toc = toc;
......@@ -1671,6 +1673,8 @@ gst_audio_cd_src_stop (GstBaseSrc * basesrc)
src->tags = NULL;
gst_event_replace (&src->priv->toc_event, NULL);
if (src->priv->toc) {
gst_toc_unref (src->priv->toc);
src->priv->toc = NULL;
......@@ -1721,6 +1725,11 @@ gst_audio_cd_src_create (GstPushSrc * pushsrc, GstBuffer ** buffer)
return GST_FLOW_EOS;
if (src->priv->toc_event != NULL) {
gst_pad_push_event (GST_BASE_SRC_PAD (src), src->priv->toc_event);
src->priv->toc_event = NULL;
if (src->priv->prev_track != src->priv->cur_track) {
GstTagList *tags;
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