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    • Tim-Philipp Müller's avatar
      gst-libs: more gobject-introspection fixes · b37c993e
      Tim-Philipp Müller authored
      Use right .pc file variable for compiler includes this time:
      g-ir-compiler wants the girdirs not the typelibdirs as includes.
    • Tim-Philipp Müller's avatar
      gst-libs: fix up gobject-introspection some more · 64cfa6bf
      Tim-Philipp Müller authored
      Use new girdir and typlibdir from core .pc files, so we can figure
      out the right includes to pass to the gobject-introspection tools,
      whether core is installed in the same prefix as gobject-introspection
      or in a different prefix or uninstalled. This also keeps us from adding
      bogus paths to the includes that only work if core is uninstalled.
      Also add some missing includes/pkgs where needed.
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    • Sebastian Dröge's avatar
      Add libgstfft, a FFT library based on Kiss FFT which is · 9022ca9d
      Sebastian Dröge authored
      Original commit message from CVS:
      Reviewed by:  Stefan Kost  <ensonic@users.sf.net>
      * configure.ac:
      * gst-libs/gst/Makefile.am:
      * gst-libs/gst/fft/Makefile.am:
      * gst-libs/gst/fft/_kiss_fft_guts_f32.h:
      * gst-libs/gst/fft/_kiss_fft_guts_f64.h:
      * gst-libs/gst/fft/_kiss_fft_guts_s16.h:
      * gst-libs/gst/fft/_kiss_fft_guts_s32.h:
      * gst-libs/gst/fft/gstfft.c: (gst_fft_next_fast_length):
      * gst-libs/gst/fft/gstfft.h:
      * gst-libs/gst/fft/gstfftf32.c: (gst_fft_f32_new),
      (gst_fft_f32_fft), (gst_fft_f32_inverse_fft), (gst_fft_f32_free),
      (gst_fft_f32_window), (gst_fft_f32_magnitude), (gst_fft_f32_phase):
      * gst-libs/gst/fft/gstfftf32.h:
      * gst-libs/gst/fft/gstfftf64.c: (gst_fft_f64_new),
      (gst_fft_f64_fft), (gst_fft_f64_inverse_fft), (gst_fft_f64_free),
      (gst_fft_f64_window), (gst_fft_f64_magnitude), (gst_fft_f64_phase):
      * gst-libs/gst/fft/gstfftf64.h:
      * gst-libs/gst/fft/gstffts16.c: (gst_fft_s16_new),
      (gst_fft_s16_fft), (gst_fft_s16_inverse_fft), (gst_fft_s16_free),
      (gst_fft_s16_window), (gst_fft_s16_magnitude), (gst_fft_s16_phase):
      * gst-libs/gst/fft/gstffts16.h:
      * gst-libs/gst/fft/gstffts32.c: (gst_fft_s32_new),
      (gst_fft_s32_fft), (gst_fft_s32_inverse_fft), (gst_fft_s32_free),
      (gst_fft_s32_window), (gst_fft_s32_magnitude), (gst_fft_s32_phase):
      * gst-libs/gst/fft/gstffts32.h:
      * gst-libs/gst/fft/kiss_fft_f32.c: (kf_bfly2), (kf_bfly4),
      (kf_bfly3), (kf_bfly5), (kf_bfly_generic), (kf_work), (kf_factor),
      (kiss_fft_f32_alloc), (kiss_fft_f32_stride), (kiss_fft_f32),
      (kiss_fft_f32_cleanup), (kiss_fft_f32_next_fast_size):
      * gst-libs/gst/fft/kiss_fft_f32.h:
      * gst-libs/gst/fft/kiss_fft_f64.c: (kf_bfly2), (kf_bfly4),
      (kf_bfly3), (kf_bfly5), (kf_bfly_generic), (kf_work), (kf_factor),
      (kiss_fft_f64_alloc), (kiss_fft_f64_stride), (kiss_fft_f64),
      (kiss_fft_f64_cleanup), (kiss_fft_f64_next_fast_size):
      * gst-libs/gst/fft/kiss_fft_f64.h:
      * gst-libs/gst/fft/kiss_fft_s16.c: (kf_bfly2), (kf_bfly4),
      (kf_bfly3), (kf_bfly5), (kf_bfly_generic), (kf_work), (kf_factor),
      (kiss_fft_s16_alloc), (kiss_fft_s16_stride), (kiss_fft_s16),
      (kiss_fft_s16_cleanup), (kiss_fft_s16_next_fast_size):
      * gst-libs/gst/fft/kiss_fft_s16.h:
      * gst-libs/gst/fft/kiss_fft_s32.c: (kf_bfly2), (kf_bfly4),
      (kf_bfly3), (kf_bfly5), (kf_bfly_generic), (kf_work), (kf_factor),
      (kiss_fft_s32_alloc), (kiss_fft_s32_stride), (kiss_fft_s32),
      (kiss_fft_s32_cleanup), (kiss_fft_s32_next_fast_size):
      * gst-libs/gst/fft/kiss_fft_s32.h:
      * gst-libs/gst/fft/kiss_fftr_f32.c: (kiss_fftr_f32_alloc),
      (kiss_fftr_f32), (kiss_fftri_f32):
      * gst-libs/gst/fft/kiss_fftr_f32.h:
      * gst-libs/gst/fft/kiss_fftr_f64.c: (kiss_fftr_f64_alloc),
      (kiss_fftr_f64), (kiss_fftri_f64):
      * gst-libs/gst/fft/kiss_fftr_f64.h:
      * gst-libs/gst/fft/kiss_fftr_s16.c: (kiss_fftr_s16_alloc),
      (kiss_fftr_s16), (kiss_fftri_s16):
      * gst-libs/gst/fft/kiss_fftr_s16.h:
      * gst-libs/gst/fft/kiss_fftr_s32.c: (kiss_fftr_s32_alloc),
      (kiss_fftr_s32), (kiss_fftri_s32):
      * gst-libs/gst/fft/kiss_fftr_s32.h:
      * gst-libs/gst/fft/kiss_version:
      * pkgconfig/gstreamer-plugins-base-uninstalled.pc.in:
      * pkgconfig/gstreamer-plugins-base.pc.in:
      Add libgstfft, a FFT library based on Kiss FFT which is
      BSD licensed. Supported sample formats are int16, int32,
      float and double. For those formats a real FFT and IFFT
      can be done, different windowing functions can be applied
      and functions for extracting the magnitude and phase exist.
      Fixes #468619.
      * docs/libs/Makefile.am:
      * docs/libs/gst-plugins-base-libs-docs.sgml:
      * docs/libs/gst-plugins-base-libs-sections.txt:
      Integrate libgstfft into the docs.
      * tests/check/Makefile.am:
      * tests/check/libs/fft.c: (GST_START_TEST), (fft_suite), (main):
      Add unit tests for libgstfft, currently only testing the FFT.
      Unit tests for IFFT will follow soon.