1. 07 Jul, 2011 5 commits
  2. 06 Jul, 2011 8 commits
  3. 05 Jul, 2011 3 commits
  4. 04 Jul, 2011 3 commits
    • Wim Taymans's avatar
      video: add macro to get frame size · 4340b80f
      Wim Taymans authored
    • Wim Taymans's avatar
      video: add some more macros · 9b259250
      Wim Taymans authored
      Add macros to get the plane and offset of a component.
    • Wim Taymans's avatar
      video: More video helper library improvements · ddce68a5
      Wim Taymans authored
      Make a new GstVideoFormatinfo structure that contains the specific information
      related to a format such as the number of planes, components, subsampling,
      pixel stride etc. The result is that we are now able to introduce the concept of
      components again in the API.
      Use tables to specify the formats and its properties.
      Use macros to get information about the video format description.
      Move code to set strides, offsets and size into one function.
      Remove methods that are not handled with the structures.
      Add methods to retrieve pointers and strides to the components in the video.
  5. 30 Jun, 2011 1 commit
  6. 29 Jun, 2011 3 commits
    • Robert Swain's avatar
      encodebin: Add flags to disable conversion elements · 7ad1ba6f
      Robert Swain authored
      Add a flags property and two flags to allow one to disable the
      conversion elements within encodebin. Doing so insists that the
      uncompressed input to encodebin for the appropriate stream type is
      sufficient to meet the caps requirements of the encoders, muxers and
      encodebin target.
      This is mostly beneficial to bypass slow caps negotiations in the
      conversion elements.
    • Thiago Santos's avatar
      tag: xmp: Remove extra chars from end of xmp packet · 96d2120c
      Thiago Santos authored
      Windows picture viewer is unhappy with extra trailing chars at the
      end of the xmppacket footer. So remove them as they aren't needed.
    • Robert Swain's avatar
      streamsplitter: Fix getcaps src pad caps merge · dc79c424
      Robert Swain authored
      Caps returned from gst_pad_peer_get_caps_reffed () may not be writable.
      If they are not is should cause an assertion in gst_caps_merge (),
      however, sometimes assertions are disabled in binary builds of -base and
      it's safer to just be sure the caps are writable. Also, check that the
      reffed caps pointer is not NULL.
  7. 28 Jun, 2011 1 commit
  8. 26 Jun, 2011 12 commits
  9. 23 Jun, 2011 4 commits