1. 09 Mar, 2017 1 commit
  2. 08 Mar, 2017 2 commits
    • Jan Schmidt's avatar
      urisourcebin: Shrink queue2 max-size-time buffering · 4e911760
      Jan Schmidt authored
      The expanded 4 second buffering was making radio streams that are
      being delivered at real-time speeds too slow. We might need
      a better plan for matching the queue2 size to incoming bitrate
      in the absence of tag information or timestamping.
      In uridecodebin, it used tags on the output of decodebin to
      adjust the queue2 buffering, but urisourcebin doesn't have that
      view - decodebin is downstream from us.
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  3. 07 Mar, 2017 2 commits
  4. 06 Mar, 2017 1 commit
  5. 03 Mar, 2017 7 commits
    • Jan Schmidt's avatar
      oggdemux: Fix reverse playback · 8596ec23
      Jan Schmidt authored
      Fix various issues with reverse playback by clearing tracking
      vars when working in reverse, and where possible using the
      timestamp interpolation code to generate timestamps for
      outgoing buffers. Make sure to mark things as discontinuous
      only when looping backward to a new position and fix seeking
      to the next page when starting.
    • Jan Schmidt's avatar
      oggdemux: Timestamp tracking fixes · fe1f47aa
      Jan Schmidt authored
      In gst_ogg_demux_do_seek() when calculating the
      keyframe time, account for a non-zero start-time
      Handle a discontinuous first packet in
      gst_ogg_demux_setup_first_granule() because that's pretty
      normal after a seek. Also differentiate between a genuinely
      truncated first packet and just bailing out early, by not using
      granule = -1 as an error code.
      Make the debug output logs clearer about which timestamps
      are stream times (PTS) and which are ogg timestamps.
    • Jan Schmidt's avatar
      oggdemux: Don't arbitrarily guess a timestamp of 0 · 342132a7
      Jan Schmidt authored
      When we haven't managed to manufacture a timestamp for
      a packet, don't just guess '0', leave it at none and
      let downstream decide
    • Jan Schmidt's avatar
      theoradec: Make the keyframe condition check clearer · 924c44f3
      Jan Schmidt authored
      Make the keyframe checking if statement easier to
      read, and add some debug when detecting a keyframe
    • Jan Schmidt's avatar
      videodecoder: Restrict frame timestamp guessing in reverse mode · 6ac79da6
      Jan Schmidt authored
      Don't guess a timestamp of the start of the segment when running
      in reverse mode, as more likely it means we're discontinuous somewhere
      in the middle of the segment, and we'll fix up timestamps once
      the frames are decoded and reversed.
    • Jan Schmidt's avatar
      videodecoder: Store buffer information even without PTS · fcb63e77
      Jan Schmidt authored
      When a PTS is not set, we still want to store the rest of the
      buffer information, or else we lose important things like the
      duration or buffer flags when parsing.
    • Edward Hervey's avatar
      vorbisdec: Reset decoder in more situations · e575be6d
      Edward Hervey authored
      This is a followup commit to b95725c3
      * Resetting the decoder should only happen when we get a new initialization
      header (0x01) and not on the other headers
      * The initialized variable only gets set to TRUE once all headers have
      been parsed. Also check if the vorbis_info struct has been properly resetted
      also. Failure to do that would cause vorbisdec to error if it got
      two initialization header in a row (the first would configure the underlying
      library and the second one would error out because it's already initialized)
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