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    docs/libs: The big spring cleanup · 10c161c7
    Edward Hervey authored
    * Explicitely specify which headers aren't to be included in gtkdoc-scan
      This is essentially all the headers that are not installed and only
      for internal/local usage. This also includes the orc-generated headers.
    * Remove all symbols/sections that are no longer present (due to accurately
      scanning only the headers we need).
    * Add or expose sections which weren't previously exposed
    * Make sure the "unified" library headers (ex: gst/video/video.h) are used
      everywhere applicable. Only use the specific headers where applicable
      (such as the GL-implementation-specific objects)
    * Add all documentation which was not previously exposed in the right sections
    * Update 'types' file to get as many runtime information as possible
    This brings down the number of unused symbols to 15 (from over 300).