Commit 47cb25a1 authored by Jan Schmidt's avatar Jan Schmidt

video-frame: Expand the range of caps for extended buffer flags

The video buffer flags can be applied to encoded video streams,
such as video/x-h264 marked up by a demuxer or parser.
parent 32aebd7b
......@@ -156,7 +156,7 @@ gboolean gst_video_frame_copy_plane (GstVideoFrame *dest, const GstVideoFr
* Additional video buffer flags. These flags can potentially be used on any
* buffers carrying video data - even encoded data.
* Note that these are only valid for #GstCaps of type: video/x-raw
* Note that these are only valid for #GstCaps of type: video/...
* They can conflict with other extended buffer flags.
typedef enum {
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