Commit 61fa4c7b authored by Tim-Philipp Müller's avatar Tim-Philipp Müller

typefindfunctions: lower H.263 typefinder max probability

The typefinder returns LIKELY for as little as one possible
sync and no bad sync (not even taking into account how much
data was looked at for that). It's generally just not fit
for purpose, so should just not return anything like LIKELY
at all ever, even more so since it only recognises one out
of ten H263 files, and likes to mis-detect mp3s as H263.
parent 42204424
......@@ -2587,9 +2587,9 @@ h263_video_type_find (GstTypeFind * tf, gpointer unused)
data_scan_ctx_advance (tf, &c, 1);
if (good > 0 && bad == 0)
gst_type_find_suggest (tf, GST_TYPE_FIND_LIKELY, H263_VIDEO_CAPS);
else if (good > 2 * bad)
GST_LOG ("good: %d, bad: %d", good, bad);
if (good > 2 * bad)
gst_type_find_suggest (tf, GST_TYPE_FIND_POSSIBLE, H263_VIDEO_CAPS);
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