Commit 91f2f187 authored by Nicolas Dufresne's avatar Nicolas Dufresne

basetextoverlay: Fix bug with unused upstream_has_meta

The intention was to skip the allocation query if upstream has decided
to use the overlay meta feature in the caps. We can safely assume that
upstream have done that query already before making this decision. This
is an optimization since doing allocation queries is relatively

CID #1308943
parent 828f0291
......@@ -718,7 +718,7 @@ gst_base_text_overlay_negotiate (GstBaseTextOverlay * overlay, GstCaps * caps)
/* Check if upstream caps have meta */
if ((f = gst_caps_get_features (caps, 0))) {
caps_has_meta = gst_caps_features_contains (f,
upstream_has_meta = gst_caps_features_contains (f,
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