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    • Jan Schmidt's avatar
      playback: Fix a small race on decodebin/parsebin shutdown. · c2a91d2c
      Jan Schmidt authored
      When shutting down decodebin2 and parsebin, they set their
      output pads to flushing, and there is a very small window
      where elements might send a sticky event such as a tag event
      (which silently fails due to flushing) and then sends a buffer,
      and the buffer will return GST_FLOW_ERROR because it can't
      forward sticky events. The element will then send an error
      message on the bus. This can also happen when elements send EOS
      just as shutdown is happening. Since we're about to destroy all
      the elements inside parsebin and decodebin anyway, just discard
      error messages from them.
      A nicer but more difficult fix for GStreamer 2.0 is to make
      all event pushing / handling in core return a GstFlowReturn
      like buffers do, so we can report a FLUSHING state cleanly.
  9. 20 Dec, 2016 1 commit
    • Jan Schmidt's avatar
      parsebin: Ignore failure to send sticky events · 9517bd9b
      Jan Schmidt authored
      When plugging and then exposing a parser, don't fail
      if it fails to send sticky events. The most likely
      reason is that things were flushed due to the app
      immediately doing a seek, but we can't detect flushing
      separately to other error conditions without a
      gst_pad_send_event_full() core function that returns
      a GstFlowReturn.
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    • Edward Hervey's avatar
      parsebin: Fix authors and description · 4b6e43fa
      Edward Hervey authored
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      playback: New elements · d514e79b
      Edward Hervey authored
      With contributions from Jan Schmidt <jan@centricular.com>
      * decodebin3 and playbin3 have the same purpose as the decodebin and
      playbin elements, except make usage of more 1.x features and the new
      GstStream API. This allows them to be more memory/cpu efficient.
      * parsebin is a new element that demuxers/depayloads/parses an incoming
      stream and exposes elementary streams. It is used by decodebin3.
      It also automatically creates GstStream and GstStreamCollection for
      elements that don't natively create them and sends the corresponding
      events and messages
      * Any application using playbin can use playbin3 by setting the env
      variable USE_PLAYBIN3=1 without reconfiguration/recompilation.