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    audiodecoder: Don't be too picky about the output frame counter · 909dd783
    Sebastian Dröge authored
    With most decoder libraries, and especially when accessing codecs via
    OpenMAX or similar APIs, we don't have the ability to properly related
    the output buffers to a number of input samples. And could e.g. get
    a fractional number of input buffers decoded at a time.
    Previously this would in the end lead to an error message and stopped
    playback. Change it to a warning message instead and try to handle it
    gracefully. In theory the subclass can now get timestamp tracking
    wrong if it completely misuses the API, but if on average it behaves
    correct (and gst-omx and others do) it will continue to work properly.
    Also add a test for the new behaviour.
    We don't change it in the encoder yet as that requires more internal logic
    changes AFAIU and I'm not aware of a case where this was a problem so far.
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