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    ext/annodex/gstannodex.c: Do some extra sanity checks. · 2f4517a7
    Alessandro Decina authored
    Original commit message from CVS:
    Patch by: Alessandro Decina <alessandro at nnva dot org>
    * ext/annodex/gstannodex.c: (gst_annodex_granule_to_time):
    Do some extra sanity checks.
    Fixes #350340.
    * ext/annodex/gstcmmlenc.c: (gst_cmml_enc_change_state),
    (gst_cmml_enc_parse_tag_head), (gst_cmml_enc_parse_tag_clip),
    (gst_cmml_enc_push_clip), (gst_cmml_enc_push):
    Check if clip->start_time is valid before adding the clip to the
    track list.
    Reset enc->preamble going from PAUSED to READY.
    Don't use GST_FLOW_UNEXPECTED for wrong usage of the element, it is
    only used for EOS.
    Only post an error message if we were the one that created the fatal
    GstFlowReturn value.
    * ext/annodex/gstcmmlutils.c: (gst_cmml_clock_time_from_npt),
    (gst_cmml_clock_time_to_granule), (gst_cmml_track_list_has_clip):
    Parse the seconds field of the npt-sec time format using %llu rather than
    %d and check that the value scaled by GST_SECOND doesn't overflow.
    Use guint64(s) to represent the keyindex and keyoffset fields of a granulepos.
    Lookup a clip's track with clip->track rather than clip->id which
    makes no sense.
    Identify a clip by its track and start time and not its xml id.
    do some more input checking and make sure we don't do undefined shifts.
    * tests/check/elements/cmmldec.c: (setup_cmmldec),
    (teardown_cmmldec), (check_output_buffer_is_equal), (push_data),
    (cmml_tag_message_pop), (check_headers), (push_clip_full),
    (push_clip), (push_empty_clip), (check_output_clip),
    (GST_START_TEST), (cmmldec_suite):
    * tests/check/elements/cmmlenc.c: (setup_cmmlenc),
    (teardown_cmmlenc), (check_output_buffer_is_equal), (push_data),
    (check_headers), (push_clip), (check_clip_times), (check_clip),
    (check_empty_clip), (GST_START_TEST), (cmmlenc_suite):
    Added some more checks.
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