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    Fix a memleak in gst_cmml_track_list_add_clip. · 675a5afe
    Julien Moutte authored
    Original commit message from CVS:
    2006-02-25  Alessandro Decina <alessandro@nnva.org>
    * ext/annodex/Makefile.am:
    * ext/annodex/gstannodex.c:
    * ext/annodex/gstcmmldec.c:
    * ext/annodex/gstcmmlenc.c:
    * ext/annodex/gstcmmlparser.c:
    * ext/annodex/gstcmmlparser.h:
    * ext/annodex/gstcmmlutils.c:
    * tests/check/elements/cmmldec.c:
    * tests/check/elements/cmmlenc.c:
    Fix a memleak in gst_cmml_track_list_add_clip.
    Handle overflows in clip's start and end times.
    Add the "encoded" parameter to cmmldec and cmmlenc caps.
    Do not parse junk at the end of a CMML preamble buffer.
    Register a libxml error handler to not print stuff on stderr.
    Check for bad clip start and end times in the testsuites.
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