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    gst/smpte/: Port to 0.10 some more. · 6b01538b
    Wim Taymans authored
    Original commit message from CVS:
    * gst/smpte/gstmask.h:
    * gst/smpte/gstsmpte.c: (gst_smpte_class_init),
    (gst_smpte_setcaps), (gst_smpte_init), (gst_smpte_reset),
    (gst_smpte_collected), (gst_smpte_set_property),
    (gst_smpte_get_property), (gst_smpte_change_state), (plugin_init):
    * gst/smpte/gstsmpte.h:
    Port to 0.10 some more.
    Added duration property to specify the duration of the transition.
    Make framerate a fraction.
    Deprecate fps property, we only use negotiated fps.
    Added docs.
    Fix collectpad usage.
    Reset state in READY.
    Send NEWSEGMENT event.
    Fix racy updates of object properties.
    Added debug category.
    Fixes #383323.
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