Commit 0e91c949 authored by Paul HENRYS's avatar Paul HENRYS Committed by Wim Taymans
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rtpptdemux: forward sticky events and then set caps

When a new src pad is added, first forward the sticky events and then
set the caps on the src pad

parent 7cebe2fc
......@@ -394,13 +394,16 @@ gst_rtp_pt_demux_chain (GstPad * pad, GstObject * parent, GstBuffer * buf)
gst_pad_set_active (srcpad, TRUE);
/* First sticky events on sink pad are forwarded to the new src pad */
gst_pad_sticky_events_foreach (rtpdemux->sink, forward_sticky_events,
/* Then caps event is sent */
caps = gst_caps_make_writable (caps);
gst_caps_set_simple (caps, "payload", G_TYPE_INT, pt, NULL);
gst_pad_set_caps (srcpad, caps);
gst_caps_unref (caps);
gst_pad_sticky_events_foreach (rtpdemux->sink, forward_sticky_events,
gst_element_add_pad (GST_ELEMENT_CAST (rtpdemux), srcpad);
GST_DEBUG ("emitting new-payload-type for pt %d", pt);
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