Commit 1a11a9be authored by Sebastian Dröge's avatar Sebastian Dröge
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rtp: Fail payloading unit test if an error message is received

parent 0cc77d8e
......@@ -98,13 +98,14 @@ rtp_bus_callback (GstBus * bus, GstMessage * message, gpointer data)
element_name = (message->src) ? gst_object_get_name (message->src) : NULL;
gst_message_parse_error (message, &err, &debug);
/* FIXME: should we fail the test here? */
g_print ("\nError from element %s: %s\n%s\n\n",
GST_STR_NULL (element_name), err->message, (debug) ? debug : "");
g_error_free (err);
g_free (debug);
g_free (element_name);
fail_if (GST_MESSAGE_TYPE (message) == GST_MESSAGE_ERROR);
g_main_loop_quit (mainloop);
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