Commit 1a17ce97 authored by Jan Schmidt's avatar Jan Schmidt

splitmuxsrc: Drop lock shutting down pads

Avoid a sporadic deadlock on shutdown by dropping
the splitmux lock around pad shutdown
parent 359f8ff2
......@@ -750,12 +750,14 @@ gst_splitmux_src_stop (GstSplitMuxSrc * splitmux)
splitmux->pads = NULL;
for (cur = g_list_first (pads_list); cur != NULL; cur = g_list_next (cur)) {
SplitMuxSrcPad *tmp = (SplitMuxSrcPad *) (cur->data);
gst_pad_stop_task (GST_PAD (tmp));
gst_element_remove_pad (GST_ELEMENT (splitmux), GST_PAD (tmp));
g_list_free (pads_list);
g_free (splitmux->parts);
splitmux->parts = NULL;
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