Commit 1b1fb68c authored by Wim Taymans's avatar Wim Taymans
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v4l2src: call set_caps method of baseclass

Call the baseclass set_caps function to make it send the caps event and
properly trigger the negotiation functions.
parent fcbe26cd
......@@ -421,9 +421,7 @@ gst_v4l2src_negotiate (GstBaseSrc * basesrc)
result = TRUE;
} else if (gst_caps_is_fixed (caps)) {
/* yay, fixed caps, use those then */
gst_pad_push_event (GST_BASE_SRC_PAD (basesrc),
gst_event_new_caps (caps));
result = gst_v4l2src_set_caps (basesrc, caps);
result = gst_base_src_set_caps (basesrc, caps);
gst_caps_unref (caps);
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