Commit 1b4561cf authored by Nicolas Dufresne's avatar Nicolas Dufresne
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v4l2object: Don't advertise crop meta

Currently we advertise crop meta, but not element handle support this meta.
parent a721e549
......@@ -3213,8 +3213,6 @@ gst_v4l2_object_propose_allocation (GstV4l2Object * obj, GstQuery * query)
/* we also support various metadata */
gst_query_add_allocation_meta (query, GST_VIDEO_META_API_TYPE, NULL);
/* FIXME probe for crop support */
gst_query_add_allocation_meta (query, GST_VIDEO_CROP_META_API_TYPE, NULL);
if (pool)
gst_object_unref (pool);
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