Commit 2987e66f authored by Jan Schmidt's avatar Jan Schmidt

qtmux: Add a comment about how atom_trak_set_elst_entry() works

parent c7aa449e
......@@ -2552,6 +2552,10 @@ gst_qt_mux_update_edit_lists (GstQTMux * qtmux)
media_start = gst_util_uint64_scale_round (ctts,
atom_trak_get_timescale (qtpad->trak), GST_SECOND);
/* atom_trak_set_elst_entry() has a quirk - if the edit list
* is empty because there's no gap added above, this call
* will not replace index 1, it will create the entry at index 0.
* Luckily, that's exactly what we want here */
atom_trak_set_elst_entry (qtpad->trak, 1, duration, media_start,
(guint32) (1 * 65536.0));
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