Commit 2d276e1b authored by Wim Taymans's avatar Wim Taymans

rtspsrc: avoid strdup

parent f01b751e
......@@ -5458,9 +5458,8 @@ gst_rtspsrc_setup_streams (GstRTSPSrc * src, gboolean async)
goto create_request_failed;
/* select transport, copy is made when adding to header so we can free it. */
gst_rtsp_message_add_header (&request, GST_RTSP_HDR_TRANSPORT, transports);
g_free (transports);
/* select transport */
gst_rtsp_message_take_header (&request, GST_RTSP_HDR_TRANSPORT, transports);
/* if the user wants a non default RTP packet size we add the blocksize
* parameter */
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