Commit 2f4b89ff authored by Sebastian Dröge's avatar Sebastian Dröge

dvdemux: Recalculate the frame offsets at the beginning of each BYTE segment...

dvdemux: Recalculate the frame offsets at the beginning of each BYTE segment and whenever upstream gives us a timestamp

This fixes seeking in DV streams where upstream operates in PUSH mode with a
TIME segment (e.g. avidemux). Without this, we would generate wrong durations
and timestamps after a seek.
parent 30c8aafe
......@@ -917,6 +917,23 @@ done:
return res;
static void
gst_dvdemux_update_frame_offsets (GstDVDemux * dvdemux, GstClockTime timestamp)
/* calculate current frame number */
gst_dvdemux_src_convert (dvdemux, dvdemux->videosrcpad,
dvdemux->time_segment.format, timestamp,
GST_FORMAT_DEFAULT, &dvdemux->video_offset);
/* calculate current audio number */
gst_dvdemux_src_convert (dvdemux, dvdemux->audiosrcpad,
dvdemux->time_segment.format, timestamp,
GST_FORMAT_DEFAULT, &dvdemux->audio_offset);
/* every DV frame corresponts with one video frame */
dvdemux->frame_offset = dvdemux->video_offset;
/* position ourselves to the configured segment, used in pull mode.
* The input segment is in TIME format. We convert the time values
* to bytes values into our byte_segment which we use to pull data from
......@@ -953,18 +970,7 @@ gst_dvdemux_do_seek (GstDVDemux * demux, GstSegment * segment)
segment->format, segment->time, format,
(gint64 *) & demux->byte_segment.time);
/* calculate current frame number */
gst_dvdemux_src_convert (demux, demux->videosrcpad,
segment->format, segment->start, format, &demux->video_offset);
/* calculate current audio number */
gst_dvdemux_src_convert (demux, demux->audiosrcpad,
segment->format, segment->start, format, &demux->audio_offset);
/* every DV frame corresponts with one video frame */
demux->frame_offset = demux->video_offset;
gst_dvdemux_update_frame_offsets (demux, segment->start);
demux->discont = TRUE;
......@@ -1442,12 +1448,7 @@ gst_dvdemux_demux_frame (GstDVDemux * dvdemux, GstBuffer * buffer)
dvdemux->time_segment.rate = dvdemux->byte_segment.rate;
dvdemux->time_segment.position = dvdemux->time_segment.start;
/* calculate current frame number */
if (!(gst_dvdemux_src_convert (dvdemux, dvdemux->videosrcpad,
GST_FORMAT_TIME, dvdemux->time_segment.start,
format, &dvdemux->frame_offset)))
goto segment_error;
gst_dvdemux_update_frame_offsets (dvdemux, dvdemux->time_segment.position);
GST_DEBUG_OBJECT (dvdemux, "sending segment start: %" GST_TIME_FORMAT
", stop: %" GST_TIME_FORMAT ", time: %" GST_TIME_FORMAT,
......@@ -1606,7 +1607,10 @@ gst_dvdemux_chain (GstPad * pad, GstObject * parent, GstBuffer * buffer)
timestamp = GST_BUFFER_TIMESTAMP (buffer);
if (GST_CLOCK_TIME_IS_VALID (timestamp)) {
dvdemux->time_segment.position = timestamp;
/* FIXME, adjust frame_offset and other counters */
if (dvdemux->discont)
gst_dvdemux_update_frame_offsets (dvdemux,
gst_adapter_push (dvdemux->adapter, buffer);
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