Commit 324cc4dc authored by Jan Schmidt's avatar Jan Schmidt
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isomp4: Don't use gst_video_colorimetry_to_string_full()

The API was reverted. Just use the plain
gst_video_colorimetry_to_string() function.
parent 8ff5dd80
......@@ -7550,7 +7550,7 @@ gst_qtdemux_configure_stream (GstQTDemux * qtdemux, QtDemuxStream * stream)
stream->colorimetry.matrix ||
stream->colorimetry.transfer || stream->colorimetry.primaries) {
gchar *colorimetry =
gst_video_colorimetry_to_string_full (&stream->colorimetry, TRUE);
gst_video_colorimetry_to_string (&stream->colorimetry);
gst_caps_set_simple (stream->caps, "colorimetry", G_TYPE_STRING,
colorimetry, NULL);
g_free (colorimetry);
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