Commit 335c9f28 authored by Jan Schmidt's avatar Jan Schmidt
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splitmux: Rewrite buffer collection and scheduling

Majorly change the way that splitmuxsink collects
incoming data and sends it to the output, so that it
makes all decisions about when / where to split files
on the input side.

Use separate queues for each stream, so they can be
grown individually and kept as small as possible.

This removes raciness I observed where sometimes
some data would end up put in a different output file
over multiple runs with the same input.

Also fixes hangs with input queues getting full
and causing muxing to stall out.
parent f7009eb5
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......@@ -24,26 +24,39 @@
#include <gst/pbutils/pbutils.h>
#define GST_TYPE_SPLITMUX_SINK (gst_splitmux_sink_get_type())
typedef struct _GstSplitMuxSink GstSplitMuxSink;
typedef struct _GstSplitMuxSinkClass GstSplitMuxSinkClass;
GType gst_splitmux_sink_get_type(void);
GType gst_splitmux_sink_get_type (void);
gboolean register_splitmuxsink (GstPlugin * plugin);
typedef enum _SplitMuxState {
} SplitMuxState;
typedef enum _SplitMuxInputState
SPLITMUX_INPUT_STATE_COLLECTING_GOP_START, /* Waiting for the next ref ctx keyframe */
SPLITMUX_INPUT_STATE_WAITING_GOP_COLLECT, /* Waiting for all streams to collect GOP */
SPLITMUX_INPUT_STATE_FINISHING_UP /* Got EOS from reference ctx, send everything */
} SplitMuxInputState;
typedef enum _SplitMuxOutputState
SPLITMUX_OUTPUT_STATE_AWAITING_COMMAND, /* Waiting first command packet from input */
SPLITMUX_OUTPUT_STATE_OUTPUT_GOP, /* Outputting a collected GOP */
SPLITMUX_OUTPUT_STATE_ENDING_FILE, /* Finishing the current fragment */
} SplitMuxOutputState;
typedef struct _SplitMuxOutputCommand
gboolean start_new_fragment; /* Whether to start a new fragment before advancing output ts */
GstClockTimeDiff max_output_ts; /* Set the limit to stop GOP output */
} SplitMuxOutputCommand;
typedef struct _MqStreamBuf
......@@ -59,6 +72,7 @@ typedef struct _MqStreamCtx
GstSplitMuxSink *splitmux;
guint q_overrun_id;
guint sink_pad_block_id;
guint src_pad_block_id;
......@@ -67,6 +81,7 @@ typedef struct _MqStreamCtx
gboolean flushing;
gboolean in_eos;
gboolean out_eos;
gboolean need_unblock;
GstSegment in_segment;
GstSegment out_segment;
......@@ -74,26 +89,24 @@ typedef struct _MqStreamCtx
GstClockTimeDiff in_running_time;
GstClockTimeDiff out_running_time;
guint64 in_bytes;
GstElement *q;
GQueue queued_bufs;
GstPad *sinkpad;
GstPad *srcpad;
gboolean out_blocked;
GstBuffer *cur_buffer;
GstEvent *pending_gap;
} MqStreamCtx;
struct _GstSplitMuxSink {
struct _GstSplitMuxSink
GstBin parent;
GMutex lock;
GCond data_cond;
GCond input_cond;
GCond output_cond;
SplitMuxState state;
gdouble mux_overhead;
GstClockTime threshold_time;
......@@ -101,9 +114,6 @@ struct _GstSplitMuxSink {
guint max_files;
gboolean send_keyframe_requests;
guint mq_max_buffers;
GstElement *mq;
GstElement *muxer;
GstElement *sink;
......@@ -112,25 +122,39 @@ struct _GstSplitMuxSink {
GstElement *provided_sink;
GstElement *active_sink;
gboolean ready_for_output;
gchar *location;
guint fragment_id;
GList *contexts;
MqStreamCtx *reference_ctx;
guint queued_gops;
SplitMuxInputState input_state;
GstClockTimeDiff max_in_running_time;
/* Number of bytes sent to the
* current fragment */
guint64 fragment_total_bytes;
/* Number of bytes we've collected into
* the GOP that's being collected */
guint64 gop_total_bytes;
/* Start time of the current fragment */
GstClockTimeDiff fragment_start_time;
/* Start time of the current GOP */
GstClockTimeDiff gop_start_time;
GQueue out_cmd_q; /* Queue of commands for output thread */
SplitMuxOutputState output_state;
GstClockTimeDiff max_out_running_time;
GstClockTimeDiff next_max_out_running_time;
GstClockTimeDiff muxed_out_time;
guint64 muxed_out_bytes;
gboolean have_muxed_something;
gboolean update_mux_start_time;
GstClockTimeDiff mux_start_time;
guint64 mux_start_bytes;
MqStreamCtx *reference_ctx;
/* Count of queued keyframes in the reference ctx */
guint queued_keyframes;
gboolean opening_first_fragment;
gboolean switching_fragment;
gboolean have_video;
......@@ -139,10 +163,10 @@ struct _GstSplitMuxSink {
gboolean async_pending;
struct _GstSplitMuxSinkClass {
struct _GstSplitMuxSinkClass
GstBinClass parent_class;
#endif /* __GST_SPLITMUXSINK_H__ */
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