Commit 3482b476 authored by Olivier Crete's avatar Olivier Crete Committed by Tim-Philipp Müller
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rtpsouce: make WARNING into LOG

Since neither rtpmanager nor any of the payloaders properly implement
pad allocation, there is no way for the rtpmanager to inform downstream elements
of the new SSRC if there is an SSRC collision. So the warning is emitted all the
time and it is confusing.

Fixes #580144
parent 63636b12
......@@ -1140,7 +1140,9 @@ rtp_source_send_rtp (RTPSource * src, GstBuffer * buffer, guint64 ntpnstime)
* get the correct SSRC from the session manager before pushing anything. */
buffer = gst_buffer_make_writable (buffer);
GST_WARNING ("updating SSRC from %08x to %08x, fix the payloader", ssrc,
/* FIXME, we don't want to warn yet because we can't inform any payloader
* of the changes SSRC yet because we don't implement pad-alloc. */
GST_LOG ("updating SSRC from %08x to %08x, fix the payloader", ssrc,
gst_rtp_buffer_set_ssrc (buffer, src->ssrc);
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