Commit 358767e2 authored by Thiago Santos's avatar Thiago Santos
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pulsesink: Fixing getcaps function

Update getcaps function to 0.11 API
parent 8c762dab
......@@ -2018,11 +2018,9 @@ gst_pulsesink_pad_acceptcaps (GstPad * pad, GstCaps * caps)
pa_format_info *format = NULL, *formats[1];
guint channels;
pad_caps = gst_pad_get_caps_reffed (pad);
if (pad_caps) {
ret = gst_caps_can_intersect (pad_caps, caps);
gst_caps_unref (pad_caps);
pad_caps = gst_pad_get_caps (pad, caps);
ret = pad_caps != NULL;
gst_caps_unref (pad_caps);
/* Either template caps didn't match, or we're still in NULL state */
if (!ret || !pbuf->context)
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