Commit 38a75450 authored by Stian Selnes's avatar Stian Selnes Committed by Olivier Crête
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rtpjitterbuffer: Major improvements for RTX stats

Stats should also be collected for unsuccessful packets.

rtx-rtt is very important for determining the necessary configured
latency on the jitterbuffer. It's especially important to be able to
increase the latency when retransmitted packets arrive too late and are
considered lost. This patch includes these late packets in the
calculation of the various rtx stats, making them more correct and

Also in the case where the original packet arrives after a NACK is sent,
the received RTX packet should update the stats since it provides useful
information about RTT.

The RTT is only updated if and only if all requested retranmissions are
received. That way the RTT is guaranteed to make sense. If not we don't
know which request the packet is a response to and the RTT may be bogus.
A consequence of this patch is that RTT is not updated for a request
when one of the RTX packets for that seqnum is lost, but that since
measured RTT will be more accurate.

The implementation store the RTX information from the timed out timers
and use this when the retransmitted packet arrives. For performance
these timers are stored separately from the "normal" timers in order to
not impact performance (see attached performance test).
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