Commit 3979ffa6 authored by Luis de Bethencourt's avatar Luis de Bethencourt Committed by Tim-Philipp Müller

rtph265depay: PPS replaces old PPS if it has the same id
parent d10b6f1e
......@@ -686,7 +686,7 @@ gst_rtp_h265_add_vps_sps_pps (GstElement * rtph265, GPtrArray * vps_array,
gst_buffer_map (pps, &ppsmap, GST_MAP_READ);
parse_pps (&ppsmap, &tmp_sps_id, &tmp_pps_id);
if (sps_id == tmp_sps_id && pps_id == tmp_pps_id) {
if (pps_id == tmp_pps_id) {
if (map.size == ppsmap.size &&
memcmp (,, ppsmap.size) == 0) {
GST_LOG_OBJECT (rtph265, "Unchanged PPS %u:%u, not updating", sps_id,
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