Commit 41fa3fc4 authored by Edward Hervey's avatar Edward Hervey Committed by Edward Hervey
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souphttpsrc: Initialize return variable

In the normal use-case we would end up with ret being unitialized
causing havoc.
parent 642331fd
...@@ -1649,7 +1649,7 @@ static GstFlowReturn ...@@ -1649,7 +1649,7 @@ static GstFlowReturn
gst_soup_http_src_create (GstPushSrc * psrc, GstBuffer ** outbuf) gst_soup_http_src_create (GstPushSrc * psrc, GstBuffer ** outbuf)
{ {
GstSoupHTTPSrc *src; GstSoupHTTPSrc *src;
GstFlowReturn ret; GstFlowReturn ret = GST_FLOW_OK;
GstEvent *http_headers_event = NULL; GstEvent *http_headers_event = NULL;
src = GST_SOUP_HTTP_SRC (psrc); src = GST_SOUP_HTTP_SRC (psrc);
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