Commit 4735d2a9 authored by Luis de Bethencourt's avatar Luis de Bethencourt

rtspsrc: check port-range format

The string could exist but with a wrong format, in that case we still want
to reset the values of client_port_range.min and max like we do if there is
no string.

CID 1139593
parent adb5efaf
......@@ -1108,10 +1108,8 @@ gst_rtspsrc_set_property (GObject * object, guint prop_id, const GValue * value,
const gchar *str;
str = g_value_get_string (value);
if (str) {
sscanf (str, "%u-%u",
&rtspsrc->client_port_range.min, &rtspsrc->client_port_range.max);
} else {
if (sscanf (str, "%u-%u", &rtspsrc->client_port_range.min,
&rtspsrc->client_port_range.max) != 2) {
rtspsrc->client_port_range.min = 0;
rtspsrc->client_port_range.max = 0;
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