Commit 480b8946 authored by Robert Swain's avatar Robert Swain

deinterlace: Remove incorrect logic

I don't understand why these lines were added, they don't make sense to
me now and both David and I agree that removing them moves closer to
related logic being correct, therefore, they're being removed.

I've tested a few progressive, interlaced and telecine clips and they
all behave properly timestamp-wise and visually after these changes.
parent a35a9315
......@@ -1838,10 +1838,6 @@ restart:
if (self->cur_field_idx < 0)
return ret;
if (!flushing && self->cur_field_idx < 1) {
return ret;
/* deinterlace bottom_field */
if ((self->field_history[self->cur_field_idx].flags ==
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