Commit 53c797d6 authored by Sebastian Dröge's avatar Sebastian Dröge
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wavparse: When flushing on EOS, don't process more data than the "data" size

Even if we have more data queued up when flushing than the size of the data
chunk, don't process and output it. If the data size is known, this likely
contains another chunk (e.g. an INFO chunk) or things like ID3 tags. Just
outputting them as if they were data is going to cause unexpected behaviour
and unpleasant audio noises.
parent be5f9473
......@@ -2322,8 +2322,6 @@ gst_wavparse_flush_data (GstWavParse * wav)
guint av;
if ((av = gst_adapter_available (wav->adapter)) > 0) {
wav->dataleft = av;
wav->end_offset = wav->offset + av;
ret = gst_wavparse_stream_data (wav);
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