Commit 5439fc9a authored by Vineeth T M's avatar Vineeth T M Committed by Luis de Bethencourt
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avidemux: fix event leak

when seek fails in avidemux, event is not being freed.
parent 8a0dbff3
......@@ -5756,8 +5756,10 @@ gst_avi_demux_chain (GstPad * pad, GstObject * parent, GstBuffer * buf)
/* calculate and perform seek */
if (!avi_demux_handle_seek_push (avi, avi->sinkpad, event))
if (!avi_demux_handle_seek_push (avi, avi->sinkpad, event)) {
gst_event_unref (event);
goto seek_failed;
gst_event_unref (event);
avi->state = GST_AVI_DEMUX_MOVI;
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