Commit 59fd44a5 authored by Tim-Philipp Müller's avatar Tim-Philipp Müller
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qtdemux: extract cover art images into GST_TAG_IMAGE not PREVIEW_IMAGE

These are usually much bigger than icon size and required by
iTunes to be certain fairly large sizes. In qtmux it is also
the IMAGE tags which we write out as 'covr' atoms.
parent bc6a9327
......@@ -12429,7 +12429,7 @@ static const struct
FOURCC__gen, GST_TAG_GENRE, NULL, qtdemux_tag_add_str}, {
FOURCC_gnre, GST_TAG_GENRE, NULL, qtdemux_tag_add_gnre}, {
FOURCC_tmpo, GST_TAG_BEATS_PER_MINUTE, NULL, qtdemux_tag_add_tmpo}, {
FOURCC_covr, GST_TAG_PREVIEW_IMAGE, NULL, qtdemux_tag_add_covr}, {
FOURCC_covr, GST_TAG_IMAGE, NULL, qtdemux_tag_add_covr}, {
FOURCC_sonm, GST_TAG_TITLE_SORTNAME, NULL, qtdemux_tag_add_str}, {
FOURCC_soal, GST_TAG_ALBUM_SORTNAME, NULL, qtdemux_tag_add_str}, {
FOURCC_soar, GST_TAG_ARTIST_SORTNAME, NULL, qtdemux_tag_add_str}, {
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