Commit 5d21f8f2 authored by Mathieu Duponchelle's avatar Mathieu Duponchelle Committed by Thibault Saunier
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videomixer: don't send flush_stop twice.

If we get flush start and a seek we need to only send flush_stop once.

More info at #706441
parent 9b0bcc01
......@@ -1435,6 +1435,7 @@ gst_videomixer2_src_event (GstPad * pad, GstObject * parent, GstEvent * event)
* whichever happens first.
g_atomic_int_set (&mix->flush_stop_pending, TRUE);
g_atomic_int_set (&mix->waiting_flush_stop, FALSE);
......@@ -1736,6 +1737,7 @@ gst_videomixer2_sink_event (GstCollectPads * pads, GstCollectData * cdata,
g_atomic_int_set (&mix->waiting_flush_stop, TRUE);
g_atomic_int_set (&mix->flush_stop_pending, FALSE);
ret = gst_collect_pads_event_default (pads, cdata, event, discard);
event = NULL;
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