Commit 5dcf1a4f authored by Luis de Bethencourt's avatar Luis de Bethencourt
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matroska-demux: remove impossible condition

It is impossible for a guint to have a negative value, no need to check for
this. Introduced in commit 6861d11c

CID 1354509
parent d089cd5a
......@@ -5623,7 +5623,7 @@ gst_matroska_demux_audio_caps (GstMatroskaTrackAudioContext *
*codec_name = g_strdup ("Opus");
} else if (context->codec_priv_size == 0) {
GST_WARNING ("No Opus codec data found, trying to create one");
if (audiocontext->channels >= 0 && audiocontext->channels <= 2) {
if (audiocontext->channels <= 2) {
guint8 streams, coupled, channels;
guint32 samplerate;
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