Commit 5e48e85f authored by Mathieu Duponchelle's avatar Mathieu Duponchelle
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rtpstats: fix unsigned integer comparisons.

Callers of the API (rtpsource, rtpjitterbuffer) pass clock_rate
as a signed integer, and the comparison "<= 0" is used against
it, leading me to think the intention was to have the field
be typed as gint32, not guint32.

This led to situations where we could call scale_int with
a MAX_UINT32 (-1) guint32 as the denom, thus raising an
parent bc1c321b
......@@ -22,7 +22,7 @@
#include "rtpstats.h"
gst_rtp_packet_rate_ctx_reset (RTPPacketRateCtx * ctx, guint32 clock_rate)
gst_rtp_packet_rate_ctx_reset (RTPPacketRateCtx * ctx, gint32 clock_rate)
ctx->clock_rate = clock_rate;
ctx->probed = FALSE;
......@@ -36,7 +36,7 @@ gst_rtp_packet_rate_ctx_update (RTPPacketRateCtx * ctx, guint16 seqnum,
guint64 new_ts, diff_ts;
gint diff_seqnum;
guint32 new_packet_rate;
gint32 new_packet_rate;
if (ctx->clock_rate <= 0) {
return ctx->avg_packet_rate;
......@@ -207,13 +207,13 @@ typedef struct {
typedef struct {
gboolean probed;
gint clock_rate;
gint32 clock_rate;
guint16 last_seqnum;
guint64 last_ts;
guint32 avg_packet_rate;
} RTPPacketRateCtx;
void gst_rtp_packet_rate_ctx_reset (RTPPacketRateCtx * ctx, guint32 clock_rate);
void gst_rtp_packet_rate_ctx_reset (RTPPacketRateCtx * ctx, gint32 clock_rate);
guint32 gst_rtp_packet_rate_ctx_update (RTPPacketRateCtx *ctx, guint16 seqnum, guint32 ts);
guint32 gst_rtp_packet_rate_ctx_get (RTPPacketRateCtx *ctx);
guint32 gst_rtp_packet_rate_ctx_get_max_dropout (RTPPacketRateCtx *ctx, gint32 time_ms);
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