Commit 7150b89c authored by Vineeth TM's avatar Vineeth TM Committed by Sebastian Dröge
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avidemux: Fix buffer memory leak

buffer being mapped is not being unmapped in some cases
parent 5a2cc413
......@@ -3721,10 +3721,12 @@ gst_avi_demux_parse_idit (GstAviDemux * avi, GstBuffer * buf)
if (g_ascii_isdigit (ptr[0])) {
gst_avi_demux_parse_idit_nums_only (avi, safedata);
g_free (safedata);
gst_buffer_unmap (buf, &map);
} else if (g_ascii_isalpha (ptr[0])) {
gst_avi_demux_parse_idit_text (avi, safedata);
g_free (safedata);
gst_buffer_unmap (buf, &map);
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