Commit 79d9cd44 authored by Carlos Rafael Giani's avatar Carlos Rafael Giani Committed by Nicolas Dufresne
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v4l2object: Also add videometa if there is padding to the right and bottom
parent 501bf0e8
......@@ -3070,9 +3070,10 @@ store_info:
GST_DEBUG_OBJECT (v4l2object->element, "Got sizeimage %" G_GSIZE_FORMAT,
/* to avoid copies we need video meta if top or left padding */
/* to avoid copies we need video meta if there is padding */
v4l2object->need_video_meta =
((align->padding_top + align->padding_left) != 0);
((align->padding_top + align->padding_left + align->padding_right +
align->padding_bottom) != 0);
/* ... or if stride is non "standard" */
if (!standard_stride)
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