Commit 8866c7ca authored by Stefan Kost's avatar Stefan Kost
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configure: base GST_CXXFLAGS on --cflags from pkg-config

pkg-config sets GST_CFLAGS and GST_LIBS. We need to use CFLAGS as a starting
point for for both C and CXX settings.
parent 9d40d609
......@@ -1029,7 +1029,7 @@ dnl prefer internal headers to already installed ones
dnl also add builddir include for enumtypes and marshal
dnl add ERROR_CFLAGS, but overridable
GST_CFLAGS="-I\$(top_srcdir)/gst-libs -I\$(top_builddir)/gst-libs $GST_CFLAGS \$(GST_OPTION_CFLAGS)"
GST_CXXFLAGS="-I\$(top_srcdir)/gst-libs -I\$(top_builddir)/gst-libs $GST_CXXFLAGS \$(GST_OPTION_CXXFLAGS)"
GST_CXXFLAGS="-I\$(top_srcdir)/gst-libs -I\$(top_builddir)/gst-libs $GST_FLAGS \$(GST_OPTION_CXXFLAGS)"
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