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vp8enc: Update documentation to reflect new property names

...and also link to the WebM encoder parameters website.
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* </ulink>. It's the successor of On2 VP3, which was the base of the
* Theora video codec.
* To control the quality of the encoding, the #GstVP8Enc::bitrate and
* #GstVP8Enc::quality properties can be used. These two properties are
* mutualy exclusive. Setting the bitrate property will produce a constant
* bitrate (CBR) stream while setting the quality property will produce a
* variable bitrate (VBR) stream.
* To control the quality of the encoding, the #GstVP8Enc::target-bitrate,
* #GstVP8Enc::min-quantizer, #GstVP8Enc::max-quantizer or #GstVP8Enc::cq-level
* properties can be used. Which one is used depends on the mode selected by
* the #GstVP8Enc::end-usage property.
* See <ulink url="">Encoder Parameters</ulink>
* for explanation, examples for useful encoding parameters and more details
* on the encoding parameters.
* <refsect2>
* <title>Example pipeline</title>
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