Commit 966ced22 authored by Wim Taymans's avatar Wim Taymans
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rtspsrc: factor out the connections

Keep a global connection for aggregate control but also keep stream connections
for non-aggregate control.
Add some helper methods to connect/close/flush the connections.
parent ddc214d3
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......@@ -83,6 +83,16 @@ typedef struct _GstRTSPSrcClass GstRTSPSrcClass;
#define GST_RTSP_CONN_LOCK(rtsp) (g_static_rec_mutex_lock (GST_RTSP_CONN_GET_LOCK(rtsp)))
#define GST_RTSP_CONN_UNLOCK(rtsp) (g_static_rec_mutex_unlock (GST_RTSP_CONN_GET_LOCK(rtsp)))
typedef struct _GstRTSPConnInfo GstRTSPConnInfo;
struct _GstRTSPConnInfo {
gchar *location;
GstRTSPUrl *url;
gchar *url_str;
GstRTSPConnection *connection;
gboolean connected;
typedef struct _GstRTSPStream GstRTSPStream;
struct _GstRTSPStream {
......@@ -121,12 +131,13 @@ struct _GstRTSPStream {
gboolean container;
/* original control url */
gchar *control_url;
/* fully qualified control url */
gchar *setup_url;
guint32 ssrc;
guint32 seqbase;
guint64 timebase;
/* per stream connection */
GstRTSPConnInfo conninfo;
/* bandwidth */
guint as_bandwidth;
guint rs_bandwidth;
......@@ -176,15 +187,13 @@ struct _GstRTSPSrc {
/* mutex for protecting the connection */
GStaticRecMutex *conn_rec_lock;
GstSDPMessage *sdp;
gint numstreams;
GList *streams;
GstStructure *props;
gboolean need_activate;
/* properties */
gchar *location;
gchar *req_location; /* Sanitised URL to use in network requests */
GstRTSPUrl *url;
GstRTSPLowerTrans protocols;
gboolean debug;
guint retry;
......@@ -222,8 +231,7 @@ struct _GstRTSPSrc {
gulong session_sig_id;
gulong session_ptmap_id;
GstRTSPConnection *connection;
gboolean connected;
GstRTSPConnInfo conninfo;
/* a list of RTSP extensions as GstElement */
GstRTSPExtensionList *extensions;
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