Commit 97a2111c authored by Tim-Philipp Müller's avatar Tim-Philipp Müller
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rtpmparobustdepay: don't try to unref NULL buffers

Fixes generic/states unit test.
parent 754f3a31
......@@ -758,8 +758,7 @@ gst_rtp_mpa_robust_change_state (GstElement * element,
gst_adapter_clear (rtpmpadepay->adapter);
for (i = 0; i < G_N_ELEMENTS (rtpmpadepay->deinter); i++) {
gst_buffer_unref (rtpmpadepay->deinter[i]);
rtpmpadepay->deinter[i] = NULL;
gst_buffer_replace (&rtpmpadepay->deinter[i], NULL);
rtpmpadepay->cur_adu_frame = NULL;
g_queue_foreach (rtpmpadepay->adu_frames,
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